I have a pet peeve. Okay fine, I’ve got more than one of them. One in particular has to do with social media icons. It may be silly, but I just can’t stand seeing outdated social media icons. In an attempt to save the world from outdated social media icons I’ve created my own social media icon set and you can download them for free!

Whether it’s a blog, business site, or just a cool infographic, one outdated social icon can totally ruin it for me. I can understand, though, that it’s not easy to stay on top with how often some of these sites change their icons. So I’ve made it my goal to not only keep myself updated, but to help keep you updated as well.

For me, this is one of those small details that can communicate volumes about your digital presence. Staying on the cutting edge keeps you relevant, reinforces trust, and helps you achieve social media rockstar status. If you’re going to build and design a blog worth following it is essential that your social media links are both visible and current. That’s why I created this free icon set for you to download and use at your leisure.

This is part of the Blog Design Essentials series where I go through what it takes to create a visually stunning blog.

What is in the set?

I’ve hand picked the most popular social sites out there and created four different downloadable sets. I’ve created a Chicklet version (squared icons) and a minimalistic version (no square). They are all 32x32px (because I don’t believe in smaller icons ;)…). Here are the sites included in the set:

  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Vine
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr
  • Ello (new)
  • Blogger (new)
  • RSS
  • Email
  • and as a bonus… my icon ;) (just in case you want to show your support for

Because this is quite a meticulous and time-consuming process, I’ve only included the bare essentials in this package. 6 sets of 15 icons, that’s a total of 90 free social media icons that I’ve created for you! Needless to say it took some time to craft all of these, and being a full-time husband and daddy, I just can’t afford to do every single site out there. However, I am open to requests if you have any specific icons you’d like for your set– just inquire on my contact page.

How about a preview?

Here’s what the icon sets look like:

minimal social media icon set

These are two of the 6 styles included in the set. The other styles included are a black and white version of the each of the styles you see above (tile and isolated logos).

The goal is to stay as current and accurate to each social network as possible to ensure consistency with brand recognition. It is my belief that staying true to the social networks own brand will communicate a higher level of trustworthiness and recognizability/familiarity.

I will be keeping this page as current as possible. Every time one of these social networks changes it’s icon– you can bet I’ll be updating these sets as soon as possible. So it might be a good idea to bookmark this page or subscribe for updates so you’ll never miss an update.

I hope you enjoy this set and if you have any questions just let me know in the comments below!

What are you waiting for– click the button now!
Download Icon Set

You may also be interested in downloading my free official social media logos for larger scale use.

Are there any sites that you think I should have included in the set? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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  1. jonstolpe says

    Great idea. How about an icon for my blog – the Stretched blog? Just kidding – sort of. I’ve been thinking about working with someone to come up with a logo for my blog. How do you think your logo has helped to expand your platform?

    • says

      Well John, I do actually offer brand identity and logo design, but I’m pretty booked up. I’m trying to formulate something for people in your shoes that would be practical and highly effective for a blogger… Still working on it though.

      As far as your question goes, I think it has definitely helped solidify my brand image in a number of ways. I’ve also gotten a lot more requests for logo design and brand identity because of it.

    • says

      It is definitely a popular network… never really worked into my personal online strategy… yet. Thanks for the suggestion– that will definitely be my next addition to the set!

      • Kimberly Reynolds says

        HI, how cool to have connected with you on G+ today. I also see that you have added Pinterest and IG icons. Thank you! I made one Pinterest icon to match one of your sets, but I’m VERY sure your’s is much better. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kim

          • says

            Since you asked…Lol. I made a tumblr icon to match your icons however, I’m sure yours would be much nicer, so tumblr would be my request. Another request would be an icon for – I would be happy to add an advertising banner on QwikR that links back to you. I would love to have an icon set that includes QwikR to offer all of the people that have free profiles, giving you full credit, of course. If you want an idea of what a profile looks like, you can see mine at

  2. Razzle says

    Hey Dustin,

    Love this!

    Could you make a Pinterest and Instagram icon please? Instagram now have online profiles and pinterest has grown a lot!

  3. Devan says

    Dude you rock! I love them. I recently spent like an hour going through to find updated cool social media icons and they all sucked.

    Thank you!

  4. says

    Hei Dustin, great work on the icons, I put it in my list of ressources for my ‘students’. :)

    One wish: An icon for a website. While this may not make sense in the first thought, there is a reason behind it: this would allow somebody to use your icons also on other sites like tumblr (to link back to the real webpage, many people have a side tumblr).

    Soundcloud is a good idea, as they have a heavy usage with people who are producer mindset = also likely to be on many different plattforms. Not only the musicians but also the people who use it for spoken words or sound recordings. Along those lines an itunes icon for those podcasters would be great.

    If you like to make it more versatile (and even encourage more businesses to discover you) a foursquare icon would be great – along side a link in the menu to ‘hire me’.

    While there are many other options out there, those are actually the major networks to look through. ;) Thanks again for the icons!

  5. says

    Hey Dustin, great work. I’m surprised you didn’t squish these together into a sprite, but I took care of that.

    Thanks for the time it takes to craft a nice set like this.

  6. Simon Woods says

    I adore this set! When you posted an update to them I couldn’t wait to get hold of the new icons, however, sadly when I download the pack none of the updates are included. I am now wondering if I did something wrong?

  7. Beth Zimmerman says

    I would love to see a My Fitness Pal icon. Admittedly not EVERYONE would use this one but there are a fair number of bloggers who share their dietary and fitness journeys on their blogs. It would be awesome to have a quick way to share those pursuits with others.

    And personally I really like Rebel Mouse and would add their icon.

    The only other one that I can think of, off the top of my head, is StumbleUpon. Not sure if that is a good idea or not. I am just beginning to use SU.

    Thanks so much for the lovely set of icons!

  8. Beth Zimmerman says

    Okay one other idea. I use both my Facebook profile and page and would like to have links to both without using the same icon twice. Not sure how to do that but it would be awesome to have!

  9. Lynn Abate-Johnson (@peoplefw) says

    Thanks so much for this.
    Very handy.
    I love hearing from you and I have been watching you via HOA’s mostly through our mutual friend, Mia Voss.

    Hope your weekend is fabulous and thanks also for the clear direction on blogging, as always.

  10. Rachel says

    This might be a silly question… but I am trying to place these into an illustrator file and they are very pixellated. Why is that?

    • says

      Good question Rachel! It’s because these are .pngs saved at 32×32 pixels. If you’re taking them into Illustrator (which is vector based, not pixel based) then they’re going to look pixelated). If you want to avoid pixelation you’ll want to keep them at the set size or make them smaller. If you stretch them in any way though, they will become pixelated.

  11. Dan Goodwin says

    Hi! Was linked here by – thanks for the icon set!!

    What about a Spotify icon?? Would be great for linking to playlists etc…

    Thanks again, looking forward to more in my inbox form now on.


    • says

      Thanks for dropping a comment Dan! In version one of the icon set I had Spotify however I didn’t get any feedback about keeping it in the following updates so I nixed it from the set. Sorry! :/

  12. Anna says

    I just wanted to Thank you for creating the set of the Social Icons!

    Thank you again!

    Reason being, I use Canva pretty often (daily basis to be exact) and for what ever reason finding Social Icons became a pain….

    So Thank You!

    p.s. Where I find out what it takes to create logo for me? (hope you can reply)

  13. Trevor says

    These are great, and I love the simplicity! One thing I would love to see is high res versions of these. Maybe at least 256px or even vector files would be awesome! Right now it’s very limited because of the small size. Just a thought. Thanks!

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