If you are a WordPress blogger or have a WordPress powered website, Pressgram is the newest tool you need to add to your toolbox. Why? In a few words, content ownership, more content creation, and more page views!
For some of you, that’s enough and you’ll probably just want to jump over and download Pressgram right now. Keep reading though.

Pressgram is a photo publishing iOS app with a focus on content ownership and WordPress. It allows you to take and/or add stylized filters to your photos and then publish them directly to your WordPress powered blog (.com or self-hosted).
So essentially, it’s Instagram without the whole “we own your content and can do whatever we want with it” thing. You own the content and it’s published on your web property. You keep the rights, and you get the page views.
Once you’ve published your photo you can then share it via your social networks and when people click the link to view the photo, instead of going to some other social network, they go to your site instead! Why send them elsewhere to boost someone else’s web property?

“But Dustin, what if I don’t want all the images I post crowding up my blog’s home page?”

I’ve told you before, I don’t like being called “Butt Dustin” so please lets avoid childish jokes, shall we?
Thankfully, John Saddington has already thought about keeping your blog homepage clean and created a Pressgram WordPress plugin that will hide a specific category of posts from your blog’s home page. So all you have to do is create a blog category called “Pressgram” [like I did] and then each time you publish a photo that you don’t want shown on your blog homepage, you can assign it that Pressgram category from within the Pressgram app.
Well gee, that was easy!

Content Creation Benefits

Aside from the obvious benefits of using Pressgram as your go-to photo-sharing app, here are a few other ideas to let marinate inside that content creating mind of yours:

  • More frequent content being published on your site is always a good thing.
  • More images being published on your site is always a good thing.
  • Search engines like both of the above points.

It’s really not rocket science here folks. More published content. More reasons for people to visit your site. More reasons for search engines to index your site. Any questions?

How I’ve Been Using It

Over the last week I’ve been playing with Pressgram, I’ve finally found a workflow that I believe works for me.
I publish the photo via Pressgram, and then it get’s shared automatically to Twitter and Facebook thanks to the Jetpack Publicize feature. I’ll then go and upload the photo to Google+ and write up a post, just as it is on my site. At the bottom of the post, I make sure to add something to this effect:
“Photo taken & edited with +Pressgram then published here: [paste blog url for post]”
Example of a Google+ Pressgram post
This not only allows me to share my photos with my awesome Google+ family, but also allows for me to reap the social signal benefits! When was the last time your website got credited from a post on Instagram? Oh, right– never!
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Instagram (aside from their evil Terms of Service) but it is just not a great social network for bloggers, content marketers or businesses. Period. There’s no ability to link to content outside Instagram and therefore has no real way of measuring return on investment. You just have to put stuff out there and hope people will jump out of the Instagram walled garden and search for you on the internets.
So in this content creator’s opinion, Pressgram is a WordPress blogger’s best tool for photo sharing. Period.
Go download it now, and be sure to find me on there – @dustin.
Have you tried Pressgram yet? Have any questions? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


  1. says

    great post here dustin. i think you’ve nailed one of the biggest issues that i’ve seen… is that far too many “marketers” have drunk the “marketing and branding” coolaid when it comes to instagram.

    Really…? Are you really “expanding your brand” on that social network? It’s easy to say but i’ve never met anyone who’s felt like it’s really done that much for them as an organization or toward some explicit marketing metric or goal. It feels good, for sure, to have a rising follower count, but it’s nothing compared to the effectiveness of a blog!

    Again, too much marketing coolaid has been drunk… stick with what you can control and what you can monetize and convert into actionable sales or other such conversions. Your own web property.

  2. says

    Dustin, I definitely get your point about keeping the content to ourselves as well as the traffic. I’m finding that a ton of businesses are looking for Instagram photos now because as John Saddington stated, “They’ve drunk the marketing and branding coolaid.” So, my question becomes how do you get the brands to switch their train of thought. I need to download the app and get to playing with pressgram so that I can better understand how the interface works. Thanks so much for your insight.

    • says

      You get them to switch their thinking by showing them results. Brands have problems and they’re looking for social media and online marketing to solve those problems. You show them the results they’re looking for and show them that what they’re currently doing isn’t yielding any results and you’ll win them over. Unless of course they’re complete nincompoops.

  3. says

    Thanks for the Pressman introduction. Will definitely check it out.
    I love the strategy you use with posting to G+ and getting back link to your blog.

    Question. (Since I haven’t downloaded it yet), when you take then publish an image, does it give option to include alt text, cations?

  4. says

    Sounds great! I had only just started hearing about the Pressgram thing today. You’ve got a compelling argument about content ownership and building your own brand. I’m sold. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.

  5. says

    Love this post, and the PRessgram idea – incredibly frustrating that there’s no Android release. Any suggestions on similiar product for Android or if Pressgram is going to release and Android version?

    Thanks for the inside info!

  6. says

    Hey Dustin,

    This is impressive- great discovery and I appreciate the use-case recommendations in your write-up.

    Surprised you didn’t embed your sample Google+ post directly into the article, though! Get a few more +1s, shares…

    Again, thanks for sharing brother. First time to your blog, but I’m sure I’ll be returning.


    • says

      Thanks Jeremy! I made several attempts at using the Google+ embeds on my blog (on my test site) but they don’t play nice with responsive design. It breaks the UI on mobile devices. Until I can find a fix, I wont be using Google+ embeds.

  7. says

    Thanks for the intro to Pressgram Dustin. I’d been hoping for a alternative to the other “gram” and was so excited to join up with Pressgram. The blog integration is fantastic. I’m so glad that what I create remains mine. If I want to give it away so be it if not that’s ok also.

  8. says

    Great information. I just downloaded it and excited about the possibilities. I appreciate you taking the time to explain and how to best use it. Just one more thing to keep me busy:)

  9. says

    Hey Dustin, I really like this idea of Pressgram. I kept seeing you count down the days until it’s release on G+ and that got me interested in it. I still haven’t uploaded it to my site though. I think it’s time. Thanks for the heads up on it, and I guess I’ll go try it now.

  10. says

    Hi Dustin

    I’ve had Pressgram on my phone for a while now but haven’t used it. What is the benefit of using Pressgram as opposed to posting the picture directly on Google+ and having it automatically posted to Twitter, Facebook etc using friendplus.me ? Is it purely that you have the image on your blog too? I guess that’s reason enough but just wondered.

  11. says

    Hi Dustin. Just to spread the word out and put it here on your site as well, I’ve freely offered my help to setup Pressgram and or WordPress for whoever needs it. Just want to #GiveLikeCrazy and help our community out. If any of your readers need some help, I’m only an email away.

    I also wrote a post in Spanish to help our Latin community as well… No one left behind!

    • says

      Sorry about that Tom. When I switched my design up, there was a conflict in my theme that wouldn’t allow for me to hide my Pressgram posts from my various blog feeds. I’m currently working out a solution so in the meantime I’ve made all my Pressgram posts unpublished.

  12. says

    I recently switched over to a WordPress powered site, and I love, love, love the idea of Pressgram. I am really hoping it makes it to Android someday. Because I would use it to death.

  13. Craig says

    Did Pressgram shut down?
    Are there any good alternatives?
    I signed up for Polarfox but didn’t receive a beta invitation yet. (www.polarfox.com)

    • says

      Yes, it did shut down unfortunately. Couldn’t gain the traction it needed I guess. And no, there’s no good alternative. Polarfox is just another app that allows you to share across social networks, and I’ve played with it a bit. Not impressed. :/

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