A shiny new video bumper, another viral post on Google+, a warning about experts who still don’t get it, a visit to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, and some inspiration. This week’s rundown starts here.

New Video Bumper

I’m not sure if you all noticed, but I have a sweet new bumper added to my videos. A special thanks to my friend Ian houser (a graphic arts genius) for helping me put it together. It’s a precursor to more that I will be doing with my videos in the future. I’m very happy with it, and even more excited about the things to come.

Viral Post

gone viral on google+

This past week I created a little graphic and posted it on Google+ and apparently people liked it enough to get it +1’d and shared thousands of times. It went viral and was number one on the “What’s Hot” list on Google+ in less than 12 hours.

If you haven’t seen the post yet, you can read it here. Or see the original Google+ post here. It basically stated that google plus is now the second largest social network and it’s growing. Which brings me to my next point.

Saying “Google+ is a Ghost Town”…

justin hammer on google+

… Is the equivalent to saying the earth is flat. Anyone who says that Google+ is a ghost town is in denial. I caution you, if you see any headline claiming such nonsense– do not waste the precious moments of your life. You will never get that time back.

Anyone who still fails to recognize the power and potential of Google+ as a social platform is falling behind– stuck in yesterday’s trends, not looking ahead. Even if they have a degree of authority in the social media world, if they don’t see the power of Google’s social network yet, there is something wrong. Respect the wisdom they have, and dismiss what they don’t know, but pretend to anyways.

Even some of the greatest social media authorities bashed Twitter in the beginning. Now they swear by it. Food for thought.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

dead sea scrolls

I forgot to mention in the video above, but this past weekend I also had the opportunity to visit an exhibit for the Dead Sea Scrolls. The exhibit is right in our own neighborhood at Shepherd of the Hills Church. The exhibition will be there until February 25, 2013.

It felt like a legit museum experience. I completely forgot that I was in a room I had been in hundreds of times.

If you like, you can view the full album here.


Just a few quality links for you this week.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life by Michael Hyatt

If you’ve ever battled with negative self-talk, I recommend you listen to this podcast from Michael Hyatt. Your inner monologue is so important to your success or failure.

China Vs. US: Students and Technology [Infographic]

I thought this was pretty interesting. Hat tip to ChurchMag.

China Vs US student tech

[click for larger image]

Become A Better Storyteller: A Conversation with Eugene Peterson

Also thanks to the good folks at ChurchMag, this interview is just dripping with goodness. The video is nearly 30 minutes, so make sure to set aside some time to soak it all in.

Now over to you– what inspired you this week? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


  1. says

    Hey Dustin,

    Good stuff! I couldn’t agree with you more on your narrative on Google+ not being a ghost town. Twitter is a close second for me, but the level of engagement on G+ is off the charts comparative to the other social networks.

    Also, very cool that you had the opportunity to visit an exhibit for the Dead Sea Scrolls. I am big on symbolic stones (write about it my book) and my Dad brought me back a stone from the cave where the Dead Sea scrolls were found.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. says

    Dustin –
    congrats on the ‘what’s hot list”… great stuff there!
    I find that Chruchmag was sold (well kinda handed over to the master) and now there is a bunch of new motions it is headed… there is definitely some great content on there as well as here! I have been finding myself gravitate towards your blog more often as the feed keeps getting filled (keep up the good work!).
    Scrolls? that seemed like an incredible experience!
    Have a great week!

    • says

      Thanks Ray! I’m excited for ChurchMag, and I hope to be contributing there more often (I’ll be covering a conference for ChurchMag in March). The exhibit was pretty incredible. I want to go through again!

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