First off, Happy Halloween! I hope you have plans to celebrate safely and in a totally non-heathen way. Don’t worry, that’s not some sort of Jesus-juke about how Halloween is from the devil or something. I’m actually quite fond of the holiday. It can be a lot of fun if done right!

As for me, I’m still trying to decide what we’re going to do for my son’s first Halloween. Hopefully by the end of today I’ll have an idea or two. If you have any great Halloween ideas for 11 month old babies, please let me know in the comments below.

Now, on to the weekly rundown:

The past few weeks

You know, the past three weeks seem like a complete blur. Seriously. By the grace of God though, I have been able to keep my head on straight and my family has not suffered. I think it’s mostly due to Nick Vujicic’s advice.

The Resurgence Conference was a whirlwind of information, wisdom, and one heck of an experience. If you haven’t read through my notes yet, you can visit my “Table of Contents” and see all I’ve been writing about it.

I haven’t been able to record a video since I got the new iPhone 5. For one, it doesn’t fit my nifty car mount that I use when recording during my morning commute. I’ll have to look for a new one that will work with the new size. My Glif is now obsolete as well. This has been causing me to procrastinate recording videos and I finally decided I’m not going to let that stop me from writing this post weekly.

I’ve been getting an incredible amount of blog design requests from all different places. One as far as Australia! Very exciting, and very humbled by God’s provision. After taking a shorter hiatus than anticipated, I’m going to be quite busy helping others launch, relaunch, brand, and rebrand their blogs throughout the rest of the year.

This week

I’ll be working hard to crank out some of these last summary posts for ChurchMag. On top of that I’ve got some client projects finishing and a few more starting. If that’s not enough, my Evernote folder for blog post ideas and drafts is filling up quickly.

I’m going to schedule a time to finally record my tutorial for changing your blog’s fonts. I’ve been getting a few requests from readers about this, and it’s long overdue.


desktopography 2012

I’ve only got a few for this week. The first relates to the image you see above. Beautiful isn’t it? It’s from a website called Desktopography that is the home to dozens of beautiful desktop wallpapers. You should really check it out. And while you’re at it, take a peek at the bottom page and see if you notice anything… familiar.

How To Think Creatively

This article is pretty good, and isn’t too long of a read. Great perspective on the creative process.

A Creative Look At The Cloud

A cute animated short showing the evolution of “the cloud”.

Necessary Sacrifices [Branding]

I found this article a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t agree with it more. In fact, I hope to elaborate on it soon. In the meantime it’s a great read. Essentially, simplicity is the ultimate display of confidence in a product. Whether it’s a physical product or a brand identity. Simplicity communicates volumes.

That’s all for this week– gotta go get things done! But let me know in the comments below what’s going on with you this week! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Oh, and please let me know if you’re having any trouble leaving a comment! I’m hoping that I’ve got all the bugs worked out, but if you find a problem, please let me know using my contact page.

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