A “killer” conference on the agenda, a pastor speaks his mind and causes another one to lose it, a visit to Baghdad by the Bay, and some creative stimulation for your cranium! All things you will find in this weeks rundown.

Killer Tribes Conference

killer tribes conference 2013

This week I finalized my travel plans to attend the 2nd annual Killer Tribes Conference! Last year I wasn’t able to go, so I’m all the more anxious to attend this year. Here’s just a few reasons that I’m super excited to go:

  • I’ve never been to Atlanta before
  • Some of my digital heroes live in the area– one of whom will be speaking at the conference (John Saddington!)
  • Tripp & Tyler
  • I get to meet a bunch of my fellow Killer Tribe-mates IRL (In Real Life)
  • Oh yea, and that Bryan Allain guy will be there– (he rocks!)

It’s going to be an awesome event, and I can’t wait! I hope to be live blogging again (as I did with the R12 Conference), only this time I will be even more prepared. Stay tuned for more on this.

If you want to check out the full conference lineup yourself, click here.

One Pastor Speaks His Mind, Another One Loses It

mark driscoll and shaun king

Yesterday, in light of the presidential inauguration some controversy broke out. In case you missed it, pastor Mark Driscoll posted a tweet that got some folks fired up. There’s a surprise. Only this time, it fired up more than a few liberals.

Mark’s tweet ignited a fury in Hope Mob founder Shaun King. A fury that could barely be contained in a handful of heated tweesponses (twitter-responses). From his responses, you would have thought Shaun’s own mother had been verbally attacked and condemned by Driscoll.

Whether you think Mark was out of line or not– there’s no question that Shaun King’s response was unfortunate. Personally, it breaks my heart. Although I really don’t agree with Shaun’s perspective on many things (specifically his take on Adam and Eve and the story of Noah), I still had hoped to see better in him.

Why do we, as Christians, leap at the opportunity to publicly tear each other down? How does that honor Jesus in any way? How does that lead people closer to a God who loves them?

Answer: It doesn’t.

Bill Gates Finds God?


I read an article on Mashable today that explored a recent hint at Bill Gates’ take on God. Though he remains quite cryptic about his stance, it would seem that he does not deny the existence of God. In the language he uses though (as my friend Joe pointed out), it may be true that he is merely using language that would relate to the Islamists who have been violently attacking his good-hearted efforts.

I’m holding out hope though. Imagine if Jesus did radically reveal himself to Bill Gates. Talk about a modern-day Solomon!

[Photo Credit: Mashable]

Trip to San Francisco (a.k.a. Baghdad by the Bay)

San Francisco City Hall

More travel news! February 16-17 my family and I are taking a trip up to San Francisco, Ca for my birthday weekend! This is another place I’ve never been before, so I’m pretty excited about the trip. And for those of you wondering where the heck “Baghdad by the Bay” came from, I found it on Wikipedia as one of San Fran’s nicknames.

Aside from the fact that San Fran seems like a fun getaway, I’ll also be taking a tour of Google’s headquarters there!

Yeah– a personal tour through Google thanks to a friend I met over at Google+! I’m so excited, and I can’t wait to blog about the entire thing! I’m sure it will be very inspiring!

[Photo credit: Thomas Hawk]


Speaking of inspiration, here’s this weeks collection of inspiration for your creative cortex!

Inigo Montoya

inigo montoya meme

I got the idea to create this for #MemeMonday this week. Thanks to a little inspiration from Pinterest and some help from Google+‘s easy meme making feature, I was able to create this in 2 minutes.

You gotta love a good Princess bride reference.

Olympic Rings Infographics

I found these brilliantly simple infographics using the Olympic rings over on FastCo Design.

Key: Americas = Red, Europe = Black, Asia = Green, Africa = Yellow, Oceania = Blue

Should You Send That Email Infographic

This infographic was just fun and helpful as I was buried in emails this past week!


[Click for larger image]

Inspiration From 20 of the Worlds Top Online Entrepreneurs

A post from the guys over at Income Diary. How could you not read a post with that title? You can read it here.

Are you going to the Killer Tribe conference? Do you think Mark Driscoll was out of line? Know any good restaurants in San Francisco? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


  1. says

    Hi Dustin:
    This sums up my entire reason why I don’t attend any kind of organized religion:
    Why do we, as Christians, leap at the opportunity to publicly tear each other down? How does that honor Jesus in any way? How does that lead people closer to a God who loves them?

    It seems to me that religion says Mine is the right way. No! Mine is! Then it becomes a childish fight. Why does there have to be one right religion? If we’re all worshiping the same deity, the same divine being, the same God, why must we fight over who is right and who is wrong. How can there be a wrong if God is right, if God is divine, if God is all merciful?

    Guess that’s a question we will only discover upon passing over.


    • says

      Well Chris, I think that’s a question that we can actually discover now. Not only that– I think it’s the most important question we can seek out.

      Rather than write an entire blog post in this comment (lol) I’ll point you to a very short, to the point article by Dr. Ravi Zacharias who answers the question Aren’t All Religions Equally the Same?

      You see, while Christians are completely imperfect (as is every other person on this earth), Jesus was perfect. Throughout his life he never committed any wrong, and even asked people on multiple occasions to speak up if they had ever seen him doing wrong. The only thing they could pin on him was calling himself God (blasphemy). And when he said, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me,” he was making it clear that there is no other road to Heaven.

      If there was any other way to Heaven besides Jesus suffering and dying on the cross, then there was no reason for him to suffer and die. But he did.

      And then, unlike any other religious leader in all of History, he rose again 3 days later and walked the earth another 40 days, seen by hundreds of witnesses before returning to Heaven.

  2. says

    Dustin – i just read the entire string of the @PastorMark and hopemob twight (twitter fight) and it was definitely bold of Pastor Mark to step out and say it, but this is the norm for him… and those not used to it, see it as getting hit in the face with his words…but to say ‘hey, I’m a Christian…’ and then judge everyone else and hold defense is Hippocratic…#justsayin #goodstuff #walkfaith

    The Bill Gates thing is interesting… and would be an “awesome” Jesus story… I find his wife’s .org a tremendous humanitarian effort…now imagine is GOD was involved… where could it take those efforts? hmmm…. #ponderous

    in the end, it’s all about the story… can we tell a good story… simple… talk about the Jesus stories… GSM (game set match)

    • says

      Agreed on every account Ray!

      I don’t know if I’m capable of fathoming what could happen if the Gates surrendered fully to Jesus!

      And there is nothing more powerful than a great story (except for the author of the story– God).

    • says

      Thanks Becky! I think the visuals really help the post come alive.

      And I can’t take full credit for the Princess Bride meme– I just made it prettier than the original one I found from Pinterest.

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