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How to Write Blog Posts: My Entire Process Revealed

my blogging process revealed

Warning: this process is not for the faint at heart. Just over a year ago I was challenged by a couple of my peers to document and share my blogging process. I had never thought to do so before and thought, “why not?" So I did a brief version and ... Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Google+ Collections

everything you need to know about Google+ Collections

Google+ Collections: A new way to curate your digital life. Google just released its newest addition to Google+ and it’s called Collections. So what in the world is it? How do you use it? Or even better— why? Those are all great questions, and I’m ... Continue Reading

How to Send a Private Message on Google+

how to send a private message on google+

The quickest and most effective way to send a private message on Google+. Want to reach out to someone on Google+ through a private message and not sure of the most effective way to do it? This one little trick has has been extremely effective for ... Continue Reading