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Social Media Headlines for July 25, 2014

YouTube More Popular Than Live TV

A new survey from Adroit Digital suggests that YouTube is now more popular than live TV. The survey gathered the responses from 2,000 people in the U.S. who were over 18 and owned a television, smartphone, and personal computer.

Following the survey respondents were asked if they had any follow up feedback and the number one statement was, “What’s Live Tv?” [Not actually true.]

68% of viewers said they consume video content from YouTube, 51% consume video from live television and 49% consume content from Netflix.

Jon Hendren Performs Bohemian Rhapsody via Retweets

Jon Hendren (@fart on Twitter) decided to “perform” Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” by retweeting other users who have intentionally (or unintentionally) tweeted a lyric from the song. I have to admit this was pretty stinking creative.

I wouldn’t recommend going through Jon’s tweets (they can be pretty crude) so what I did was create a Storify out of his timeline of all the retweets that made up the “performance”. I’ve even added the music video at the bottom so you can follow along if you like. The accuracy is pretty spot-on!

William Shatner Reviews New Facebook Mention App

I was really disappointed when I went to go read the review and it didn’t start with “Captain’s log stardate 2014.7…” – instead he starts it with, “I want to talk and compare an app that most of you don’t have access to: Facebook Mentions”. Or in other words, “Neener neener neeeeener!”

Facebook Launches New ‘Save for Later’ Feature

Seems to me like this feature may be targeted at Pinterest and the culture of pinners who like to save things for later. This will be great for all those times you see your overly political friends posting things that you just don’t have time to argue with, but would love to remember to argue with them later that night when you have more time.

Social Media Contributing to Fall in Teen Pregnancy

Probably because they’re too busy tweeting, snapping and instagramming about how awesome their date is? I guess it’s hard to get into too much trouble if your hands are already occupied by your smart phone.

Social Media Leads Owner to Bulldog Stolen in Car Theft

After having his Ford Explorer stolen by three teenagers while his dog was in the back, this man had social media come to his rescue with over 10,000 people sharing the story on Facebook. The dog was returned to him 5 days later after a woman found the dog just two blocks from where his car was stolen.

In a similar story…

Selfie Leads to Woman’s Arrest

According to a woman was arrested after posting photos of herself wearing a dress she had stolen from a local boutique. One of the co-owners of the boutique had posted about the stolen item on Facebook and not too long after apparently some of her Facebook friends turned her in.

Criminal Pro-tip: Don’t take selfies of yourself wearing stolen merchandise and share on Facebook. Instead, share on Google+ where you can share with only your criminal/non-tattle-tail circles.

Privatize Lets You Tweet Links That Only People You Mention Can Open

It’s like when you were in third grade and you would lean over and tell someone a secret in front of everyone else, making them totes jelly that they don’t know the secret too.

Why does this need to exist? Is Edward Snowden on the board of advisors for this app?

Twitter Will Finally Let You See and Delete All of Your Direct Messages

But why would I want to get rid of all those stimulating and thought provoking direct messages about true-twit validation? And how will I remember to connect with people on Facebook without having those friendly auto-generated DMs that get on everyone’s nerves?

10 Creative or Weird Uses of Instagram

Creative or weird. You decide. Personally my favorite was, “To show what not to bring on planes.”

America’s Most-hated Social Media Company Is…

It’s not surprising to me that Facebook comes out at the top of the list with the lowest satisfaction score. Pinterest now tops the chart for highest satisfaction. My only question is, when did Wikipedia become a social network?! Really?

Results of internet satisfaction score 2014

USA Today Goes Viral

How USA Today focuses their efforts to create social media buzz. Very interesting read.

The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends Dominating 2014

Google+ still a focus in the eyes of businesses and marketers, though still a bit of a mystery. Visual networks (and content) on the rise. Micro-video on the rise. LinkedIn becoming a major B2B player. Foursquare taking a nose dive. Myspace will grow… wait, huh?

Facebook at All-time High on Mobile Might

After releasing it’s quarterly numbers, Facebook shows that more than 62% of it’s ad revenue is mobile. Who would have guessed? Or maybe the better question is, who wouldn’t have guessed?

Good Idea, Bad Idea

good idea bad idea graphic
Every week I will be doing a “Good Idea, Bad Idea” segment where I ask your opinion about one of the more controversial headlines of the week. This weeks featured headline is:

Pinterest Just Hired The Man Behind Axe’s Infamously Sexist Ads

Possibly in an effort to get more men onto the platform, this move is quite controversial. Do you think it is a good idea or a bad idea?

You can let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or via your social network of choice! You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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    Yeah I agree! Great concept.
    You always have great ideas and you execute them well. Also I love how you are weaving your creative skills into the transparencies on the vid. Very clever indeed.

    I have done this in private HOs just for fun, but you have given me some ideas about how to weave them into the weekly HOAs

    I think this would make a great blog post for you. “How to use PNGs to spice up your HOAs”

    Congrats on your newest endeavor.

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