Google has officially rolled out it’s updated icon for Google+ and has begun to further implement it’s updated YouTube icon. So naturally, I had to keep myself (and you) up to date with the latest versions of the official icons.

Click here to go straight to the original post and download the updated set. Read on for the details of the update.

Google+’s new icon moves the ‘g’ into full view and the ‘+’ to the horizontal center of the ‘g’. Both items are now centered in the square area.

The update to the YouTube icon is subtle and better proportioned to the actual triangle in the YouTube play button.

I’ve also made some slight changes to the email icon to be more consistent in all sets. They are all now squared email icons to match the style of the rest of the set.

Do these small details really matter? Yes, to me. Why? Because quality communicates value. For me, relevance is a key part of quality. So stay relevant, even with something as minute and seemingly insignificant as your social icons. You can read the original post and download the set by clicking here.

If you have any icons you’d like me to include in the next update– let me know in the comments below!



  1. Nathan Roten says


    This may be a dumb question, but how do you add these icons to the menu so that they change color when you hover over them? I also have the Standard Theme, but in the “Social” section of the theme, I can only upload 1 icon. I do not see how to use both versions of the icon so that i can change upon hovering. I am a newbie to web design and code :)



      • Nathan Roten says


        I may not be asking the question correctly. In your header, you have your social media icons. They are displayed as white, but when you hover over them to click, they turn gray.

        I uploaded your social media icon set (which rocks by the way) to use on my site, but i can only use one image. The icon does not change upon hovering. Does that make since? Maybe the better question would be: how could i do what you did with your social icons?



        • Nathan Roten says


          Nevermind. I figured it out. My link for G+ did not save when I uploaded the icon, so the icon never changed colors when hovered over on the site. Sorry for inconvenience.

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