It’s been a while since I updated my free social icon set. The networks I had included in the last update haven’t changed since then, so there was really no need to update. However this update contains some significant changes to the set itself.

If you want, you can just skip to the download:
Download the full set

The set now contains 6 sets of 15 icons for a total of 90 social media icons. There are both square and isolated versions with 3 color options (full color, black, and white).

You’ll notice also that the design of each icon has gone flat. Yes, flat! As a proponent of simplicity and elegance in design, I’ve decided to remove the subtle gradients of the former icon set and make everything minimal and flat.

I’ve added three new networks to the set:

  • tumblr.
  • Vine
  • Jelly

While I’m not really active on any of them, it’s clear that they’ve been getting some solid attention and were a good addition to the set.

Additionally, I’ve decided to remove some previous icons that were either no longer needed, or no longer in high demand.

You can go ahead and download the full icon set:

Download the full set

Are there any networks you would like to see added in future updates? You can leave a comment by clicking here


  1. says

    freshening up my blog digs as i am about to relaunch after a year long hiatus. decided to declutter the fluff and just make it lean and clean. your icons PERFECT for my redesign. Many thanks!!

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