Since I last published my social media cover image dimensions, some things have changed. I’ve now updated all dimensions for the social cover templates for you to download and use as guides for creating social media covers.

Changes to be noted are:

  • Google+ cover photo no longer has overlap areas. Full image is displayed without obstruction.
  • Twitter header dimensions changed drastically to 1500px X 500px.
  • YouTube channel art dimensions updated to include recommended dimension of 2560px X 1440px.

You can download the full set here:
Social Covers


  1. John Layson says

    Thank you Dustn for the update on the Cover Sizes for the social networks. You tell your clients the same thing I tell mine about changing their cover pages. I find the ones who do it the most are the ones that don’t have a real website only a “Facebook Page”. A “Facebook Page” only business is like a booth in a “Flea Market” usually poor quality and poor services and an unwillingness to learn how the internet or even Social networking works.
    Thank for your time.
    John Layson

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