My head is till swirling with everything from the Resurgence Conference 2012. So much wisdom, so much knowledge, so much awesome! [Grammatically incorrect for effect.]

It was quite a task to get all of my live notes posted, and is an ongoing task to put those notes into contextual and relevant summaries. So as I put all the final touches on my summaries over at ChurchMag, I wanted to create this “Table of Contents” of sorts. One place to post all the links to the individual posts from R12. This way, you don’t have so scroll through pages and pages, searching aimlessly for the ones you want to read. You can simply browse through the links below and find the links you want to read.

Simple Enough? Great! Here you go:

Raw Notes

These are my raw, unfiltered, un-edited (well slightly) notes from the conference. These were all published here on


These are the summaries of each talk. A more thought-out, contextual and journalistic recording of each of the 8 talks. They are published over at ChurchMag.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or general feedback, I’d love to hear it! Leave a comment below!


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