Another week gone and can you believe I haven’t changed my shirt or shaved since last weeks Monday Monologue? Just kidding. It was a total coincidence that I decided to wear the same exact shirt today that I did last Monday. Weird. However, it is true that I haven’t shaved. What can I say?

Today’s Monologue includes a huge frustration that I have with the local radio station, an exciting book launch and giveaway, and my first time going semi-viral! Here’s a summary of what I said in the video:

My problem with 102.7 KIIS FM (or most radio stations)

I feel like the people at my local radio station have a GPS tracking device secretly attached to me so that they know when I get into my car. Every single time I get into my car and turn on the radio, one of 3 songs is playing. Each of those 3 songs, in my humble opinion, are really annoying. And it’s all the more irritating when it is playing when I get to work, and then when I leave work and turn my car back on it’s playing again.

I feel like they have a set schedule of those 3 songs to play at the exact same time every single day. Seriously people? Are there no better songs to be playing at approximately 8:25am and 5:05pm?!

If you watched the video, you heard a snippet of one of the songs that annoys me to no end. I apologize for that. My vocal coaches would have been appalled. I’ll try not to do that to your ears too often.

Michael Hyatt launches his new book, Platform

This morning Michael launched his new book Platform: Getting Noticed In A Noisy World [affiliate link]. I was really excited about his book release. Ever since I heard Michael speak about Platform back in 2010 at Catalyst West it was awesome. And it was one of the talks that inspired me to start building my own platform.

For the next four days Michael is giving away over $375 worth of bonuses to anyone who purchases his book. Check out his post for details here.

My first experience going semi-viral

I had a funny idea last week. It was based on observations of different conversations that I noticed happening on the various major social networks— Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I noticed that the things being talked about on those networks were dramatically different. So I decided to do a tiny bit of research and create what was meant to be just a fun little meme. Little did I know that I would spend the majority of the next day on the “What’s Hot On Google+” list.

I’ll be talking about my experience and what I learned from it later on, but in the meantime, here it is if you want to see it for yourself.

Something totally random: I really like using the phrase, “Little did I know,” or the third-person version “Little did he/she know,“. I think it has something to do with Dustin Hoffman’s bit about it in Stranger Than Fiction.

What are your thoughts, comments, or cries of outrage about today’s monologue? You can leave a comment by clicking here


  1. David Willard Jr says

    So as I am eating my 3 Muskateer bar that I bought as I left church tonight, I am thinking to myself that I may have discovered part of the problem in with your music issue. YOUR LISTEN TO KIIS FM! They really only have 3 songs on their playlist. You need to change the dial, go with The Fish or give GoCountry a try :-) Okay. I seem to recall some negativity about country so that was a bit of poking the But seriously, Most of the stuff they play on Pop radio is annoying these days anyway and because it’s just garbage to a good beat it does get stuck in your head you end up humming a song that you find totally repugnant. Well, I think it’s time to go grab a Dr. Pepper and try to organize a few things before I head to bed. I have a long day of cleaning tomorrow. I am going to attempt to modify a rather large piece of furniture I built everal years ago that no longer suits us and try to gain some usable space in our livingroom. David….Out!

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