This weeks Monday Monologue went incredibly well compared to last week’s fiasco. Especially considering I actually had passengers this week! Well, if you consider my wife and son passengers. I was a little concerned that Judah might just decide he’s like to add something to the video, but to my surprise, he stayed silent while daddy recorded. :)

The time seemed to fly by this morning (as quickly as 6 minutes can) and I barely had enough time to talk about the few things that were on my mind this week. Here’s what I covered:

1. Michael Hyatt’s recent blog post on “New Marketing”

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I’m watching a show and when the commercials come on they are louder than the actual show. Almost like they know you’re not listening so they have to crank up their volume to get your attention. It really irritates me. Especially when I’m watching shows online. It’s because of this that I now hit Mute when there is an advertisement break. Michael’s post on this topic was quite refreshing!

2. My one-on-one with John Saddington

I got the privlage to talk to the man who inspired me to get serious about blogging and eventually become what he has coined, a Tentblogger. I’ll get into what we discussed in a post later this week. Stay tuned.

3. Social Media Master Class starting this Saturday!

A couple months ago I held a contest in which the winners would get the opportunity to be my first students in my Social Media Master Class. This Saturday, class is in session and I couldn’t be more excited for it!

What was that bizar thing I saw in the opening of the video that threw me off? Some kid on his way to school– he was riding this. I had never seen them before today, now I’m wondering about getting a pair.

So what’s going on that you’re excited about this week? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


  1. David Willard Jr says

    Awesome! Looking forward to the class this week and excited see what you learned from John Saddington.

    I can’t believe you have never seen that board…you need to spend more time in Toys R Us…poor Judah…LOL.

  2. says

    Just in case no one else pointed it out to you, the date in your video is right but on your blog title it’s April not May! :) I’m not sure I want to be a month behind today. šŸ˜›

    You should have a contest for those who need your help. I just couldn’t keep up with your top commenters and reposting! Have a great time with them! I’m sure they will still draw great wisdom from you.

  3. says

    I’m excited for the Social Media Mastery class that you’re putting on. This should be a blast and I look forward to learning from someone who is doing this extremely well.

    I’m also excited that I get to recover from my first 25K run. It kicked my butt on Saturday, but now I get to sit back and take it easy for the week while I recover.

    • David Willard Jr says

      Or I guess it would be something to write about in this case :-) Where are you…or am I the one who has not been able to figure things out and I am sitting in the halls as class has already started?

  4. says


    Yeah, can’t stand the increased volume on commercials either.

    Something I’m excited about this week: I’m considering making a last minute trip to NY to meet some friends who will be speaking at Blogworld.

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