2012 is already shaping up to be an exciting year! In this edition of “Month In Review”, I’m going to outline the surprising top 3 posts, top 3 commenters (champion de-throned?!), and a huge life-change that began in January.

So before I get into the bigger news, here are the top posts and top commenters for January 2012:

Top Posts

  1. Becoming A Social Media Rockstarย – The current series that we’re nearing the end of. Taking you from average “Joe” to social media Pro.
  2. The Ten Twitter Commandments – A post I wrote months ago, yet still drives a good amount of traffic. This makes me very happy. ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Manage Your Social Networks Like A Pro – Part of the Social Media Rockstar series, giving you tools to manage multiple social networks like a pro.

Top Commenters

Brandon – Finally defeating the reigning comment champion, Brandon is hard at work blogging about how he is using his gifts and talents to “Amplify God’s Kingdom“.

ย David Willard Jr. – Finally de-throned as the reigning comment champion of 2011, David is an amazing man of God, and will be launching a newly designed blog in the coming months!

Valerie Joy Deveza –ย A self-proclaimed “Inbound Marketing Geek” who blogs about WordPress, Inbound Marketing, and Social Media marketing.

What else happened in January?

As I talked about in the video above, there have been some significant life changes that have taken place at the beginning of this year. Specifically, I pretty much lost both of my jobs.

The Christian clothing store I was working at closed down, and I was let go as Youth Director for my church due to budget cuts. As a new father, and the sole provider for my family, you can imagine this was not the way I wanted to start the new year.

The crazy thing about all of it is that I’m not worried. I have peace about what God has in store. This news wasn’t a surprise to God. In fact, I think he’s actually been preparing me for the past year for this next season of life. For the past year, God has prepared me to be a full-time Tentblogger.

I couldn’t be more excited!

I will now be working from home full-time building websites, blogs, and helping people build significant online presences. This is the reason I only got to publish 5 times last month– I was building and launching my new business site (which is still a work in progress). It’s also been tricky adjusting to working from home and being my own boss.

What does this mean for dustn.tv?

Firstly, it means that I will be posting more frequently, now that I have more time. I’ll be shooting for 3 times per week, covering at least one post from all my major topics (Christianity, Creativity, Social Media). This also mean’s that the Social Media Rockstar series will be wrapping up quickly!

It also means that I’ll have more time to put into building relationships with you, my readers. To kick this off, I’m going to be hosting a special Google+ Hangout for the first 9 people to comment below.

I will be scheduling a time for next week where we will get together for an hour and have a live video Q & A session. You can ask me anything about Christianity, Creativity, or Social Media and I’ll answer to the very best of my ability! It wont just be about me though, I want to spend some time getting to know each of you, and what you’re looking to get out of your times spent on dustn.tv.

So hurry up and finish reading this so you can comment below!

Lastly, you can expect a lot more video content, starting next week! I’ve finally got the chance to interview a good friend of mine who is a real-life rock star, and I will be sending the video link to my email subscribers this weekend. If you’re not subscribed to my email list, you’ll want to get on that right away! I’ll post the video publicly later on, but the email subscribers will get to see it first.

I hope you all will continue to pray for me in this new season of life. Though I’m certain God has great plans for me, it never hurts to have some faithful friends who are willing to pray. Thank you all in advance, and keep on rocking!

If January sets the tone for the rest of 2012, how is this year looking so far? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


      • says

        Thanks, man! But it’s a straight-up-free theme that I threw on to get me through my launch, and I’ve had some feedback that it’s not tied enough to the “River of Thoughts” theme. *I* see the river in the whitespace below the tree…but it seems that no one else does!

        I’ll probably do a full design overhaul with a “real” theme this apring or summer (pipeline, Dustin!), but I want to start/experiment with at least a custom header before then. Baby steps, right?

        • skottydog says

          Here! Here! I still have many changes that need to be made also. For starters, changing that God-awful mugshot I’ve got up! Baby steps, indeed!

  1. Martha Munoz says

    Praying everyday Dustin and I’m excited to see/hear what God has in store for a man of God such as yourself.

  2. skottydog says

    Dustin, way to go, dude! Talk about landing on your feet! We’ll be praying for your continued success!
    Can’t think of a more fitting verse, than my all time favorite…Galatians 6:9, “and let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season, we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”. NKJV

    Looking forward to the Google chat.

  3. Erin Jackman says

    Changes can be a very good thing. My year of change was 2011. So far January was pretty good… which hopefully means the rest of the year will continue to be bright! Definitely will be praying for you during this time of transition, I know it isn’t always easy, but with God on your side it makes things go a bit smoother.

  4. says

    Glad to hear you’re looking at the upside of the job losses. It can be tough but you’re tougher!

    I’m looking forward to a month of great content from you and seeing the great things you will be doing with your “tentblogging.”

  5. says

    This year is looking pretty good for me – if January is any indication. Early in January, I switched to an all new self hosted domain (thanks in part to your encouragement). http://jonstolpe.com

    It’s been an adventure figuring things out. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes in 2012!

  6. David Willard Jr says

    The King is dead!! Long live the King of Kings! :-)

    Congrats Brandon, it was fun battling it out over the past few months but you finally knocked me from my pirch. I look forward to a busy month and more comment battles to come.

    Dustin!! You are a rock my friend! I have no doubts you will find yourself right where God wants you and covering it with awesomesauce. I can’t wait to spend some time with you, pickin’ your brain and overhauling my blog. Let me know when that Hang Out is so I can try to figure out this G+ HO stuff…lol.

    • David Willard Jr says

      LOL…Well, The end of last month was rather busy. My anniversary was the 27th and I spent a couple days at Disneyland and I decided that bringing my laptop to the hotel room would be a marriage killer for that weekend…LOL. But that’s okay…every good thing must come to an end, it just means I need to work harder this month to reclain it :-)

  7. Brandon says

    It is great to hear that you are pursuing full-time blogging as a career. I wish you the best of luck.

    I would love to see you become really successful at this.

    There are a few people on my site that might be interested in letting you do some work for them. A few people have asked me for people that can design logos and stuff.

    If you are interested, I can totally let you do a sponsor post on my site. I’ll let you do it for FREE.

    You can just write a little bit about your business and why you are doing it. Let me know if this might interest you. You can email about it!

  8. says

    Thanks David! Anytime you’re ready, just let me know! We’re both up in that general Starbucks area a few times a week anyways ;).

    And if you’re trying to figure out the whole G+ thing, I heard there’s a great site called GPlusTuts that teaches you all about using Google+… ๐Ÿ˜€

    • David Willard Jr says

      Indeed I will need to brush up on my G+ over there. I have never used the hang outs so I should figure that out tomorrow. By the way…did you get my email to resend the invite to my other email?

  9. says

    Your can do attitude is an inspiration!

    There’s nothing more exciting than living on faith and fortitude and the bedrock assurance that your steps are ordered of the Lord.

    I think you’re positioned to move forward at warp speed; I look forward to watching you go1

  10. says

    Hey Dustin,

    Discovered you through ‘Killer Tribes’. I lost my job when my daughter was 12 days old in Nov. 2010. Only then did the opportunity to do what I’m doing now pop-up full time, working with John Maxwell.

    It’s been scary, no doubt. But I continue to trust in the Lord to lead me and I encourage you to do the same!


  11. Brandon says

    Hey Dustin! This is totally random, but I saw your video of the “Awesome Jesus truck” on your youtube channel the other day. I thought that it was pretty cool. One thing I picked up on was that your freeways in CA have speed limits of 45mph?

    That seems pretty slow for a speedway? In FL, our freeways are 70mph. Just in the neighborhoods, you can go 45! haha.

    • David Willard Jr says

      45?? I’ll have to hunt down that video. Might be a construction area of something because all the freeways out here are 60 and up. Might be on or 2 that are still 55 but that doesn’t mean everyone isn’t doing 75…lol.

    • David Willard Jr says

      Found it…COOL TRUCK!! The speed limit sign is for trucks because that part of the freeway is a downhill. Hope you don’t mind me answering for you Dustin :-)

  12. says

    One thing that I learned, after the tumultuous time living in LA, is that Romans 8:28 is true. God has to take us out of our comfort zones. In doing so, we get to see how much we truly believe what we profess to be true. Patricia and I are praying for you and the family. So to answer your question: “how does this year look so far?” Things are on the up and up! As you know, Patricia and I were placed into our community as a CARES Team after nearly 3 years of “homelessness.” At the time, we didn’t understand why the transition from Texas to California (and back to Texas) was difficult. Now, we’re able to see the good that came from that difficult time. As we serve our community, our story will be for His glory in 2012.

  13. says

    I know this post is very late, but I wanted to tell you how excited I am for you. It’s rough losing two jobs you love, but it’s amazing to see where God is taking you.

    Praying for you, friend!

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