Internet stats are fascinating to read about. As every second passes online there is more data being transferred than you can possibly fathom. In this post though, I’ll be using a stunning infographic to help you wrap your mind around what happens online in one second.

At first glance you may take the title of the infographic The Internet In Real Time literally. When I took a closer look though, I realized it’s not quite the real-time internet stats as you may think them to be.

I came across the infographic via a Google+ share from Christine DeGraff (here). Once I clicked through I couldn’t stop staring at it! It was fascinating! I wanted to know how it all broke down though, so I used my brain and took a screen shot at the first frame (1 second) and then another at the second frame (2 seconds). It confirmed my suspicion that each frame is just adding the amount from frame one to each frame thereafter (adding the same amount each time). So that means that whatever is in the first second is how much is happening each second.

Confused yet? No? Good, I knew you were smart.

The Internet Stats Infographic

The internet in (not so) real time animated gif.

The above animated gif is just a screengrab of the live site which continues to update for as long as you’re on the page. [See my original Google+ post here.]

You can visit the live infographic here to see it for yourself. For those of you who just want the stats in a nice ordered list, well you’re in luck:

What happens in one second on the internet:


  • Accounts created = 11
  • Tweets tweeted = 5,700


  • Video hours uploaded = 2
  • Video hours watched = 2,314


  • +1s = 5,787


  • Likes = 52,196
  • Posts = 54,976


  • Likes = 18, 519
  • Comments = 1,000
  • Uploads = 694


  • Accounts created = 12
  • Messages sent = 219,907


  • Views = 5,787
  • Sent = 8,102


  • Pins = 238


  • Posts = 463


  • User searches = 182


  • Minutes used = 23,148


  • Posts = 23


  • Check-ins = 35


  • Posts = 1
  • Comments = 13
  • Votes = 212


  • Sent = 3,402,778

The above internet stats are the more “social” oriented stats from the infographic. In total though, the infographic states that in that same one second there is 22,574 GB of data sent. In just one second.

The Breakdown

So as fascinating as all of this was, I noticed that the webpage has a somewhat hidden list of sources in the bottom right of the page. That seemed a bit shady to me. So I started investigating further.

After looking through the sources I realized that what this clever infographic has actually done is take the stats from all of these sources and used some clever math to break down each stat by the second.

Not that complicated.

So while this is a fascinating infographic, like with all infographics, it’s best to take it for what it’s worth and not as the absolute end-all of accuracy and truth. Especially when it comes to Social Media user stats (or more specifically, active social media user stats) – these things are out-dated as soon as they’re published!

Statistics are a funny thing in general and it’s pointless to get too obsessed with them. See them as an approximate gauge rather than a precise measure. Especially in the digital world where things are changing so rapidly.

With that said, I am a stat junkie and I love a great infographic filled with stats. So my advice is always to appreciate the numbers but don’t get too caught up in them.

What was most surprising about these internet stats for you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


  1. says

    Hi Dustin,

    nice break down regarding: “22,574 GB of data sent. In just one second.”
    So this makes around 22 000 / 1000 = 22 Terra byte hard discs in use per second.

    1 minute: 22 x 60 seconds = 1320 terra bytes discs
    1 hour: 1320 x 60 = 79 200 terra bytes discs
    1 day: 79 200 x 24 = 1,900,800 terra bytes discs
    1 year: 22,809,600 terra bytes discs

    One now only wonders where does all this data get stored, how do those data centres look like and the hard discs industry must surely be very busy and having some good sales. It might be some good stocks to invest to as demand to store data will surely keep on rising until there are some new solutions of how to store data.

    Sunny greetings from Mauritius,

  2. says

    I’m fascinated by this infograph. It opened my eyes to something… on facebook people would rather post something than even bother “liking” something…. proving the “me” mentality of that space. I’m not too bothered that it is not “real” time because it still is an impressive gathering of numbers and display of information. I do wonder though if there could even be something that could track that data in REAL time, now that would be useful to internet marketers in the realm of figuring out really what parts of the day people are most active on various sites… or when they’re not.

    • says

      Yea, that would be great to have Joann… too bad these internet companies are so guarded about their data. They only release numbers when they have to in order to satisfy investors. #lesigh #moartransparency

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