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The Google+ Ghost Town talk is finally beginning to come to a screeching halt thanks to a new report by Global Web Index. The numbers gathered now show that Google+ has surpassed Twitter in active users and is second only to Facebook.

From now on, whenever somebody even hints at Google+ being a failure all you can do is tilt your head slightly and look at them funny.

This quick graphic I created only shows the numbers for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, although Technically YouTube was considered #3 and Twitter came in at #4 by the numbers. Although it is good to note that Twitter is actually the fastest growing of them all, with 40% growth in the last quarter.

As advertisers, businesses and brands continue to see a decline in the effectiveness of their Facebook efforts, Google+ continues to gain ground with it’s innovative features. Users are just becoming numb to the same old stuff on Facebook. It’s no surprise– when things aren’t evolving, they are inevitably going to lose their effectiveness.

If anyone has yet to see the value in Google+ as a platform to build an audience for their business or brand, they seriously need to re-think some things. There are plenty of businesses and brands using the platform to their advantage with great results! It’s still relatively new though and for that reason the opportunity to capitalize will never be better.

In the social media game, the early adopters see the greatest return. Don’t wait until the masses have already bought in and the market is saturated– go in now and be an innovator.

And if you’re a blogger– you have all the more reason to jump on Google+ immediately! The SEO benefits, though still a bit ambiguous, are no joke. Not to mention the ability to network through Communities of other bloggers who are actively sharing helpful tips and even forming blogging armies to help one another succeed.

Bottom line, this infographic I created is coming true– maybe even sooner than I thought!

Have you been seeing some benefits to Google+? Or are you still not taking it seriously? Feel free to add to the conversation– you can leave a comment by clicking here.


  1. says

    I’m confused by one thing — if Twitter was the fastest growing last quarter how did Google+ pass it?

    As in, Twitter was ahead of Google+ last quarter, grew faster than Google+ last quarter, yet Google+ is now larger? What did I miss?

  2. bill rogers says

    Google is #2 because it has linked Youtube & other Google products activity to Google+. Since Google is forcing people to sign up for Google+ the number of so called active users has increased. Google is fluffing up its number to get recognition. What is an active user? I would be considered an active user on Google+ because I have been on there one time this week. I have been on Facebook 100 times this week. Google has a long way to go to catch Facebook. This is all a bunch of number fixing. Google fanatics will get all excited but advertisers(the people who matter) will not care. Nobody is on Google+ like they are on Facebook.

    • says

      Hey Bill, I’m guessing you didn’t actually read the report. You would do well to to read into it before making such conclusions. It was done by a market research company that has no vested interest in any social network over another.

      • foljs says

        I’ve read the report and it’s mostly BS.

        The don’t describe what a “Google+” user is (even if they do exclude YouTube), and what an “active” one is.

        If it’s about actually using the Social services on Google+, then it’s just as much as a wasteland as it ever was.

        If it’s about using all the peripheral (but bundled by Google in a desperate attempt to gain traction) services, then I guess, hurray, they managed to get second place by inflating their numbers.

        People might be using Google+, and there are tons of people with Google+ accounts. But people using Google+ socially are negligible (for medium values of negligible).

  3. Mike W says

    Number of A
    “Active users” is completely misleading. Google+ forces gmail users to sign up and sign in but people do not use it nearly to the degree of FB or Twitter. Google+ is still a Ghost Town and still has a long way to go to prove otherwise.

      • Bojan Gutic says

        Okay, seriously, why are you being so defensive? It makes you look incredibly juvenile and insecure.

        I don’t care what the reports say, when it actually comes down to most people’s daily usage patterns, it’s clear to them that most of their friends don’t regularly use Google+, especially when compared to twitter and facebook. I’ll tell you right now that almost none of my friends (And I’ve circled about 250 of them) use Google+ more than once a week, while the majority use facebook and twitter every day.

        Furthermore, Google has integrated SO many things into their active user count. Youtube likes, dislikes. Play Store reviews, and Games are all filtered through Google+ now, and that’s a lot of “Active” users who don’t actually do anything on Google+, but through apps that use it for sign-in.

        • says

          Interesting conclusion. I guess it’s really easy to misinterpret someone’s tone online– especially when you’re inclined to disagree with them.

          Either way– you’re speaking from your own experience rather than fact, which is what the other article I mentioned (in the previous comment) adresses.

        • Uejji says

          Excuse me? He responds to a comment and you reply with words like “defensive,” “juvenile” and “insecure”?

          I suggest you look up “gaslighting” and how you can learn to stop employing it in lieu of strong arguing points.

    • Tony Green says

      I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure over half of those G+ “active users” aren’t so active. It definitely has potential to grow though. Personally, I was a twitter fanatic when I first found out about it around four years ago, and got over 5000 followers pretty quickly. I rarely use it now though except to interact with others during an event. I probably use twitter and G+ about the same…but I’m still on facebook daily.

      • says

        How’s that working for you from a business perspective? Are you getting a good ROI on your Facebook activity? I see you’ve got an active blog so you should be able to measure that at least.

    • Caedmon says

      My G+ feed is a twitter with activity. I have actively engaged my news feed in the world of photography, music and science. If G+ is a ghost town, it is because you purposely making it a ghost town.

  4. says

    Google+ has benefited me in connecting with other like minded folks, quicker, and easier than that of both twitter and facebook… I do not find facebook all too appealing, as the foundation of facebook was that of classmates or friends and family… where as a networking place such as Google+ or even LinkedIn has given myself more ways to interact on a daily basis with those that have similar interests and not necessarily out to make ‘it work’ or money hungry either… it really is about community and not just being social.
    Great infographic Dustin!

    • says

      Thank you Ray! I have had the same experience with Google+ in comparison to the other social networks. While Facebook is still great for family and close friends, Google+ has thrown metaphorical napalm on my personal network and business— spreading it like wild fire!

  5. says

    Hi Dustin:
    From the moment I received my “beta” invite on G+, I understood the ramifications of this new project. I understood the plan. And I was more than happy to be a part of the project.

    As I’ve mentioned here before, G+ has been an amazing platform for me. But then I believe I’m using Social Media in a way to enhance my profile online. I only post topics to draw people in; whether to my two blogs or my photography business. Which is not to say I don’t post other useful infirmation as well. I use Social Media as as way to move myself forward.

    Don’t post personal photos (often)
    Don’t give people my minutiae.

    It’s important for me to post relevant useful info because that’s what I want to see here. I think that’s what is causing FB to lose its luster; the fact that there is too much minutiae there, too much useless content. Hopefully, G+ can hold onto what it differentiates itself. G+ is the next evolution in Social Media and we as it the content developers can see that it stays above the echo chamber.


  6. says

    With minimal effort, I have been circled by almost as many people on Google+ in six months as have friended me on Facebook in over four years of regular use. Everyone I have circled on Google+ produces or shares quality content, whereas on Facebook they either don’t post any content, I can’t see it (thanks to EdgeRank), or the majority is useless rubbish I will probably ignore. I have barely scratched the surface of Google+ features available to me as a blogger and already the results are near overwhelming! It is by far the superior platform for networking content providers.

  7. says

    I am on Google+. I think it has the potential to be a great network; however, it still needs to develop more API functions. I like twitter because it is so easy, and I can schedule tweets. Plus, the majority of people my age seems to be on it. Google+ seems to be more for businesses and individuals trying to launch businesses right now. I do think it has potential, but in order to reach the younger audience, it must have a better interface.

    • says

      The interface is superior on all levels except minimalism. It’s advanced in ways that Twitter and Facebook can only hope to accomplish over the next year or so. I think what you really mean is it’s not as simple as Twitter. With Twitter, all you have to do is Read and Post. That’s it. It was what attracted me to Twitter in the first place. I love the simplicity!

      And to an extent you’re right about the general audience– it’s mostly tech savvy networking-minded people who have a desire to grow their online network and/or influence. Most people your age (as if I’m so much older lol) wouldn’t describe themselves in that way. But the ones who do will be leading the way for their peers when they are all having their quarter-life crisis trying to figure out what to do with their lives. Ha! Be an innovator and lead the charge Brandon!

  8. Luke Wolkem says

    Mind you, not sure if you heard this, but there is a new social network that everyone buzzing around these days. It’s called and i think it has a huge potential to be successful and big social network!

    • says

      I took a look at that site you suggested Luke– not impressed. I was gone in less than 10 seconds (and that’s pretty generous). It sounds like a cheap 90’s video game and doesn’t look much better. Newsletter powered by MailChimp doesn’t say much for a professional network.

  9. says

    Like some of the other posters mentioned, my only connection to Google plus was because I had a gmail and YouTube account. After browsing mykillertribes I came across Dustin.TV and started reconsidering it. I really hate how arrogant facebook has become. Anyway, I’m giving Google plus another look.

  10. Louis Foussard says

    First of all congrats to Google+ !

    I’ve been there since early beta… and seen lots of people turn around and go “back” to FB… without giving G+ a fair try. Plus, back then, there really weren’t too many folks on G+. And until you’ve circled some folks and interacted with people… anyplace can be considered dull.

    Thanks for the post, Dustin.

    ~ Louie

  11. Robert says

    I started using Chrome, Google+,Youtube and have used Gmail for a long time only to test my yahoo mail sent items. I must admit, since using google+ I have also created my own website and even use Mailchimp.
    I spent the first months using Google+ installing as many aps and extensions as I could get my typing fingers on.
    This was fine and I see where Google is going. I still have to login to FB 5 or 6 times a day to see what all my friends and family are doing.
    Here in Canada, you’re either Mac or PC, Tim Hortons or Starbucks, I.E. or Chrome, and, in the end, Google or Facebook.
    From what I see, if you are in business, Google will help you more. The posts I see are definitely more interesting and educational.
    I think that once more people see Google Hangouts, there will be quite a large exodus from FB.

    I’m retired and spend lots of time reading up on both platforms. This discussion was particularly interesting.

  12. Kaleb Josué almeida de alencar says

    You created?} I had already seen this graph before, and it was not u who posted!

  13. Kris Edison says

    The very first reason why I’m on Google+ is the privacy. Facebook is really a sh*t on privacy specially on their new updates and features. Circles in Google+ is just amazing. By the way, anyone heard about Caigan world? Said to be another social network but still in beta. Some says that Caigan focuses on privacy. I hope someone would invite me there.

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