What an exciting month this has been! It caps off the 1st year of this blog’s existance– woo hoo! It’s been a great year, and I am astounded at where I’m at today looking back at where I was when the blog began. I really have to thank my readers for making all the effort worth it. If it weren’t for your kind words, fruitful discussions, and your generous sharing of content, I would not be where I’m at today.

In the video above I talked about John Saddington‘s post “Don’t Quit Before The Fruits Of Your Labor Are Revealed“. There are some great truths and some very encouraging words in that post that really hit home with me. I can honestly say that, by the grace of God, I am a testimony of what John is talking about in that post. Definitely worth a read.

Now, lets get into this past month’s review, shall we?

Top Posts

  1. Albert Einstein On Imagination Vs. Knowledge – Even though he had more knowledge than I ever will, he still things imagination (like creativity) is more important than knowledge.
  2. Becoming A Social Media Rockstar – The current series that we’re nearing the end of. Taking you from average “Joe” to social media Pro.
  3. The Ultimate Google+ Tutorials Site – The number 1 source for Google+ tips, tricks, and tutorials.

Top Commenters

 David Willard Jr. – Reclaiming his throne as the number 1 commenter of all-time on Dustn.tv. Be on the look out, his blog is about to get a serious facelift and full on enterprise treatment sometime soon!

Brandon – He finally showed that David Willard Jr. can be defeated last month, and that is quite a feat! Coming in at a close second place, Brandon is still one of my most encouraging commenters.

Valerie Joy Deveza – A self-proclaimed “Inbound Marketing Geek” who blogs about WordPress, Inbound Marketing, and Social Media marketing. I was also lucky enough to have her help me with a Google+ Hangout experiment that I hope to use for future clients. Thanks again Valerie!


March Contest!

For the month of March I’ll be holding a contest! Throughout the month you’ll be able to accumulate points. The three people at the end of the month with the most points will be given the opportunity to be a part of a 4-week long master class where I will evaluate, coach, and strategize with the participants to take their online presence to the next level! The class will meet once a week on Saturday mornings via Google+.

How do you get points? Well let me tell you:

Leave a comment = 1,000 points

Any time you leave a comment during the month of March, I will award you 1,000 points! Zoinks, that’s a lot of points!

Tweet a post = 1,000 points

Tweet a link to any post from dustn.tv (making sure to @mention me so that I know about it) I will award you with 1,000 points! Egads!

Google+ post = 1,000 points

Whenever you post a link to dustn.tv via Google+ (also making sure to +mention either me or my Page) I will award you with 1,000 points! Good night!

So it’s simple– each social action is worth 1,000 points. Why 1,000 points? Why not just one point? Because it’s more fun when you’re dealing with thousands of points. Single points are boring. I don’t do boring. If you ever see me doing boring, you have my permission to slap me with a silly stick.

A brief note

You may notice a few formatting changes happening here and there (or you may not) with the site’s design. This is because I’m getting ready for a sweet redesign since my pals over at 8BIT have been letting me play with their newest release of the greatest blogging theme ever!

Enough about me– how about you? What did the month of February bring for you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


  1. Erin Jackman says

    I always love your contests! Hmmm… makes me want to think of some kind of contest for my blog. But not until school is out when I hope to have a bit more time to put into my blog.

  2. David Willard Jr says

    WOW…I take a week off and I am already 12 comments behind! Oh…a contest…that explains it…LOL!

    February brought me a month closer to my birthday :-) and back to the top of the comment slot on Dustin.tv. Beyond that what else happened…hmm…oh yeah. I had an AMAZING encounter with God up on the mountain top at our Church Men’s Encounter.

        • David Willard Jr says

          Hey…I would love a repeat of the epic December comment fest and if it means giving you guys a head start… meh ..LOL :-))

          • David Willard Jr says

            Okay…so enough with the head start and now that it’s 5am and I should be getting up in a few hours to get ready to head to Disneyland…LOL. Let the epic battle begin :-)

          • David Willard Jr says

            Well…it’s 430am and I am up and comme ting again :-) Gotta get a head start on the weekend since I will be at Sea World and Disney for my Wife and Daughters birthdays. Nows the chance :-)

      • David Willard Jr says

        Well….You at least get the weekend. I will be at Disneyland with the family celebrating a birhday and when I go they usually have to drag me out at midnight so I don’t think I will be doing much in the way of commenting at 1am this weekend. Not if I want to make them Magic Morning Hours at 7am on Saturday and Sunday :-)

        • Brandon says

          Nice! I haven’t been to Disneyland, but I have been to Disney world a lot because it is 2hrs away!

          • David Willard Jr says

            Sweet! We live about 40 minutes from Disneyland but on days like today traffic makes it take 2 hours…LOL. But since Barbie is driving I can comment away. Too bad our Annual Passes don’t Disney World…I would love to go there some day.

      • David Willard Jr says

        I did…and the encounter was the best part. I can feel it’s impact and see it in the way I am working with my boy’s in “Cliques” our Wednesday Youth Group. I’ve been able to bring back what God put upon my heart and use that in our teachings with these awesome kids. I’m also learning more in our post-encounter meetings that are helping me improve my relationship with my family. God repaired a lot over the past few years and made it “good” but now I am learning that God wanted His creations to be “VERY GOOD” and that’s what I am working on. :-)

          • David Willard Jr says

            Good vs “Very Good” That’s actually one of the topics I want to cover in an upcoming blogs. Thanks Brandon.

          • Brandon says

            That would be a great topic! So has your blog started back up yet? (sorry..i’ve been absent from a lot of blogs lately because of so much school!)

  3. David Willard Jr says

    He gave away the secret location of the BatPool and all the poparazzi started stalking him so as soon as he confirmed it was his pool….he moved. So long Bruce Wayne Stout :-)

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