Everyone was created with a spark of creativity inside of them. I want to help help draw yours out by connecting you to resources, ideas, and encouragement for your creative life.

15 Sites for Creative Inspiration in 2015

15 sites for creative inspiration

A list of go-to sites guaranteed to spark your creative juices in 2015. The demand being placed on your creative capacities are ever-growing. The content monster needs to be fed. Your social stream needs to be supplemented. To keep the supply of ... Continue Reading

Content Creation Tips from Improv Comedy

content creation and improv comedy

Being from an improv comedy background, Tim Washer was already set up to be one of my favorite speakers. He’s worked with many great people such as Amy Poehler and contributed to SNL, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Onion Sports Network. Tim ... Continue Reading

Method to My Madness: Redesign 2015

2015 redesign of

Web design is more than making things look good. It’s a series of thoughtful choices that yield a beautiful, functional result. This is the start of the 4th year that this blog has been in existence. Every year I have done a redesign and every year ... Continue Reading

How to Make Visual Content That Doesn’t Suck


Three basic design principles to help you create stunning visual content. So you want to create awesome images that get attention and, more importantly, get shared? You’re not a designer though? Is that right? Well strap in, because you’re going ... Continue Reading

The Best Free Tools to Create Visual Content


Creating visual content that grabs people by the eyeballs doesn’t require a degree in design as long as you have the right tools. You need to create great visuals in order to hook your audience by their eyeballs and draw them into your content. ... Continue Reading