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Interview: Chris Wilson

interview with chris wilson

This is the first in an ongoing series of interviews I'll be doing. The idea is to find people who are doing awesome things in the areas of Christianity, Creativity, or Social Media and find out what makes them so awesome! My first interview is ... Continue Reading

Catalyst West Session 10: Christine Caine

catalyst west 2013 christine caine

I was at the Olympic games in Sydney in the year 2000. I remember the women's relay-- the US should have won. There was a really sloppy exchange and the US ended up finishing 3rd. The 2004 the US Women's relay team was the fastest in history. Mary ... Continue Reading

Catalyst West Session 9: Chip Heath

catalyst west 2013 chip heath

We're talking about decision-making this afternoon. In the bible, human beings couldn't go 20 verses without making a bad decision. Picture a different world. We'll call it Perfect Decision World. In this world, everything would be ... Continue Reading

Catalyst West Session 8: John Ortberg

catalyst west 2013 john ortberg

Due to medical reasons, Dallas Willard was unable to be present at the event. In his place, John Ortberg gracefully filled in. Please take a moment to pray for Dallas and his family. Ministry is hard. But Jesus said that his "yoke is easy". How do ... Continue Reading