I came across this quote from Albert Einstein, and it really inspired me.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” –Albert Einstein

It made me wonder if I am letting my knowledge (or desire for knowledge) stifle my imagination, and therefore inhibit my creativity? I definitely don’t want that to happen. So as a reminder to myself I created a graphic that might make a cool poster some day:

albert einstein imagination vs knowledge

I came across this quote while reading an article on Creativity Post about creative thinking. This really got my creative juices going. I highly recommend reading it, and bookmarking it.

It was really powerful for me, so I thought I’d share it here. I hope it inspires and provokes you to go out and create something. Forget what you know, and dream bigger.


  1. says

    Good quote. To me, it’s more than just dreaming big. It’s more than just setting my sights high. It’s coming up with creative paths to get there. That is often where the true imagination lies.

  2. says

    That was an interesting article. I think it can relate to all aspects of life. It’s important to learn to look beyond the current circumstances affecting ones life. If not, you hinder the possibilities.

  3. Louis Tullo says

    I would actually agree with Einstein. I see your point about how sometimes it seems the pursuit of knowledge can stifle creativity, but to me it’s knowledge that enables creativity. When you think of any type of creative product, whether is writing, music, theatre, visual arts, film, etc. there is a certain skill set that underpins their quality. That skill set is developed through knowledge, which can come in a variety of different ways (schooling, apprenticeship, experience, etc.) In any case, knowledge is the foundation of creativity in my opinion. It’s what we do with our knowledge that is the substance of creativity, as opposed to just regurgitating what we’ve discovered.

  4. Dan Black says

    This is such a great quote. Another example of a person with a great imagination was Walt Disney. His dreams and imagination left a lasting impact. Great post.

  5. David Willard Jr says

    I think knowledge and imagination work hand in hand. The most creative people will often be very intelligent as well. I hard to think of people being very imaginative with a limited knowledge base. :-)

  6. Umar Jamil says

    Man you are the best! I have been reading your posts from last 2 days! I concluded that you are the best in your work! I mean you are creative, then you are web and graphic designer too plus you know the game called social media! You know how the things work! Cool man! Let the dice roll with some new and creative posts :) Goodluck

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