September 11, 2001 is a day we will always remember. We’ll remember where we were. We’ll remember what we were doing. And we’ll remember the brave actions of all the heroes that came to the rescue on that day.

To help you remember where you were on this day, I’ve created some downloadable wallpapers that are free to use and share. But first, my 9-11 story:

Where Was I?

I was on my way to Chemistry class as the buzz started in the hallways that something had happened. A plane crash is how it began. Then it was two plane crashes. Then three. Something about the Pentagon and Pittsburgh (which was only about 100 miles away).

We got to class and the TVs were on. These weren’t just coincidental plane crashes. This was a coordinated attack.

That’s when we heard about the World Trade Center. Two planes flown directly into the buildings. Not an accident.

Time nearly stopped.

As a teenager, I don’t think my sense of reality was fully developed enough to grasp what was happening. It was surreal. This was like what you see in movies, only it was really happening. Real time, real places, real lives being taken.

My heart broke. I prayed. Hard.

I’d never witnessed anything this devastating so close to home. It was a reality check. Evil exists in the world, and it was more real than I ever understood.

However, in all of this tragedy was discovered a renewed sense of respect to the everyday heroes. The ones who dropped everything and responded with help and support. the ones who left their homes to rush to the scene and aid the injured. The ones who set up shelters. The ones who ran into the buildings when everyone else was running out.

In their bravery and their selfless acts, our nation found strength it didn’t know it had.

It’s this that we will always remember. The bravery of heroes, and the strength of a nation.

Sharable Visuals to Remember

I’ve created some desktop, tablet and smart phone wallpapers to help you remember this day. They are free to download, so go ahead and hit the download button below!

Where were you on September 11, 2001? What were you doing? How did you react? You can leave a comment by clicking here


  1. says

    Great post and excellent wallpapers Dustin.

    I hope my comment isn’t too long, but I remember with vivid detail since I’ll never forget where I was either!

    I had just moved to Pensacola, Florida, and was in my first semester of Bible college. Classes didn’t start until 12:00pm at this school. So since I was a night owl, and had no job (Since I’m Canadian I was a “foreign” student, so I didn’t couldn’t work or anything), I would sleep in until it was time to get up and shower and go to school.

    Pensacola, is Central time so it’s an hour behind New York. It was after 8:30am for me that my roommate, who I’d previously played several practical jokes on, barged into my room yelling “we’re under attack, we’re under attack!” and then left my room again. I was angered because I knew I was now going to have a hard time falling back asleep until my alarm went off like originally planned.

    He came in again, rattling off the same line. Since I had victimized him several times already since living together, I yelled “Isaac, you suck at practical jokes, go away and think of something more interesting!”

    “I”m being serious, Steve–a plane crashed into the World Trade Centre!”

    “Is the Parliament in Ottawa under attack?”

    “Not that I know of.”

    “Then leave me alone and get out of my room!”

    I thought he was pulling my leg since such a terrorist attacked seemed pretty inconceivable, and I was trying to show him I wasn’t falling for it.

    He came in a third time, and kept saying the same thing. This time, he finally turned on my radio, and the station I had my radio set to was giving a live report about how the second tower had just collapsed, and the reporters were speechless and devastated. It was quite a surreal moment as I realized my roommate wasn’t joking, and I got up, and none of us in the house had any clue what any of us were to do.

    We had no television, and only dial-up internet, so we logged on to MSNBC or CNN or whatever sites that were showing pictures, but I was one of those people NOT watching live when the towers fell. I only saw footage after the fact.

    Tuesdays, we had chapel before classes, and this time when we got there the auditorium was packed and people were praying aggressively and there was much travail and intercession going on. Classes were officially cancelled that day and if anyone wanted to go home they wouldn’t lose credit for being absent. I was one of the ones who stayed, and in the “classes” I did have, we talked about it, prayed and processed what was going on.

    I’ll never forget where I was.

    • says

      Wow. A very vivid recollection indeed Steve. Thanks for sharing. It really was a different world back then as far as getting news. Today, you could probably have see everything live-streaming via your phone in seconds.

  2. Jose Cervantes says

    Hey Dustin,

    Thanks for sharing this today on Google Plus.

    I was also a teenager in high school…I think 10th grade. Unlike you, I was in vacation at the time because my school went on a track system (over-populated!). Anyhow, I was home and was supposed to go to school anyway for my part-time job. I was shocked and glued to the t.v. all morning. My brother was working in Downtown Los Angeles at the time, and in the biggest building in our city at that, so we were also personally panicked about the safety of our city. I couldn’t believe when the buildings came down…I was in awe. I didn’t want to go to school. I just watched TV all day.

    I write short stories based on current events, and wrote one for today. I use a featured image for each story. I went ahead and used a version of your 9/11 graphic for today’s short story. Thanks for sharing the graphic and for sharing your experience!

    I gave you photo credit for the image. You can check it out here:

    Thank you again,
    Jose Cervantes

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