The new year has come and it was only yesterday that I was writing my 2011 year in review. Since then a lot has happened on Controversies, tutorials, insights, giveaways and some good ol’ fashioned fun!

For this year’s review I’ve refined my review process and I’d like to share a bit of it with you. And on top of that, I want to share the top posts from 2012 as well as the top 10 posts of all time! Let’s dive in!

Review Process

This year I decided to schedule a meeting with myself. Yes, I actually put it in my calendar as a meeting with myself to review This is important because the simple act of putting it in my calendar helps me take it more seriously.

I scheduled out 4 hours to sit down and review my goals from that past year and compare them to the actual data. The data comes from several sources including (but not limited to):

  • Google Analytics
  • Site Stats (Jetpack)
  • Social Networks (Google+, Twitter, Facebook)

Of course a big part of the goals have to do with you, the reader and whether or not my efforts over the past 12 months have been useful to you. Besides looking at traffic and social shares, the most significant way that I know what I’m doing matters to you is by your comments. So if you’ve commented here over the last year, I sincerely thank you! Your feedback is vital to the growth of this blog.

Overall I was happy with the results of this past year’s efforts. There were a lot of successes and a few disappointments. Moving forward I have decided to celebrate the wins and learn from the failures.

Once I’ve thoroughly reviewed the previous year, I start setting goals for the year to come. This is the most exciting part for me.

Goals for Next Year

I am dreaming big for this next year. And thanks to my friend Jeremy Smith, who helped me stay grounded in action steps, I look forward to a very awesome 2013 to come. Here’s a brief take on some of my goals for 2013:

  • Increase traffic to 500,000 page views and 250,000 unique visitors.
  • Increase social sharing by 500%.
  • Write 150 blog posts.
  • Create a more intimate newsletter for subscribers.
  • Give away a free Child Theme.
  • Create more free stuff to give away.

Some of these goals are pretty lofty, and I’m not 100% sure how I will find the time to make all of them a reality– but I will continue to dream big for 2013. I like to shoot for the moon.

Top Posts from 2012

These are the top blog posts that I wrote last year in order from most page views:

1. 9 Valentines Day Ideas


A social experiment in crowd sourcing Valentines Day ideas and sharing them with the world. I am very excited about this years #vdayshare2013!

2. 4 Things I Learned Going Semi-Viral on Google+

most talked about people on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

I made a little graphic based on an observation about the 3 most popular social networks– Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It was meant to be light-hearted and funny. In 24 hours it had gained thousands; of shares and +1’s.

3. The Science of Social Media Timing [Infographic]

science of social timing

This was just a really insightful infographic from the good folks of Kissmetrics. Great research presented in a visually stimulating manner.

4. Truth Sprinkled Lies: He’s Just Asking Questions

truth sprinkled lies

Rob Bell caused quite a bit of controversy in the Christian world last year. However the real issue was deeper than the controversy. It was a more subtle manipulation that started with Adam and Eve.

5. Stop Inviting People to Church

stop inviting people to church

One of the things I couldn’t say when I worked for the church. A heavy burden and apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt it.

6. Get Your Personal Branding Page Now, Why and How

personal branding page

If you don’t have some sort of personal branding page online, you need to get one. This post explains why and how to do so.

7. Stop Praying Like a Pagan

praying like a pagan

Jesus was very clear when he taught us how to pray. Why then do we try to make talking to our father a show for people to see how good we are at sounding holy?

8. What Is Jesus Swagger?

what is jesus swagger?

You can keep your moves like Jagger, I’ll keep walkin’ with Jesus Swagger.

9. Google+ Ghost Stories and Failure Fairy Tales

google+ ghost stories and failure fairy tales

Exposing the ghost town myths and ripping every expert analysis of Google+s failure to shreds.

10. Academic Idolatry: Why Did My Child Fall Away?

academic idolatry

A big problem I saw as a youth pastor– too many parents would set their kids up to believe academic education is more important than spiritual formation.

Top Posts of All Time

These are the top blog posts of all time here on

1. Albert Einstein on Imagination Vs. Knowledge

imagination vs knowledge

You might think that someone as brilliant and educated as Einstein would think of knowledge as the highest importance. Turns out good ol’ Einy was a dreamer after all.

2. Becoming a Social Media Rockstar

social media rock star series

My most popular series to date. A journey that takes you from being an average Joe to a social media pro.

3. The Ultimate Google+ Tutorial Site

google+ tutorial site

An introduction to a site I co-founded with my London-based partner, James Brooks.

4. Manage Your Social Networks Like A Pro

manage your social networks

Part of the Rockstar series, this post shows you the most popular software platforms that allow you to manage multiple social profiles from one outlet.

5. Create a Professional Email Address Using Google Apps

domain email

While Google Apps is no longer free, it is still an inexpensive way of creating a professional business email address. This post shows you step-by-step how to do it.

6. The Ten Twitter Commandments

ten twitter commandments

A biblical spin to Twitter best practices. While you won’t go to Hell for not following these commandments, you may just find that your efforts there are not as effective as they should be.

7. 13 Sites for Creative Inspiration

13 sites for creative inspiration

Some of my favorite sites to visit when I’m in need of a creative boost. An inspirational site for several types of creative outlets.

8. Dream Big: iOS and Android Wallpapers

dream big

Einstein’s post was so popular that I decided to turn it into a memorable smartphone wallpaper.

9. Free Jesus Wallpapers for iOS

ios wallpapers

My first attempt at releasing iPhone wallpapers. It went pretty well.

10. 3 Lessons From My First Year of Marriage

our first year of marriage

My beautiful wife tells how she managed to survive her first year of marriage with yours truly.

I’m really looking forward to what God has in store for me this year. I’m even more excited to take you on this journey with me, and see what He has in store for you as well! Here’s to 2013– chyeayuh!

What were the highlights of 2012 for you? What are some goals you have in 2013? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. says

    My top post for 2012 was titled “How To Respond To The Election Results”.

    A lot of my blogging in 2012 focused on a leap of faith decision to go to Guatemala with my daughter during the summer of 2012. I’m anticipating that 2013 will be a lot about an upcoming return trip to Guatemala with my entire family.

  2. says

    You should also add that you redesigned the blog. That in and of itself is no small feat! And who would have guessed our discussion a week ago would have led to us posting our goals on the same day?

    Great review and goals for 2013 man!

    • says

      I’ll be writing in-depth about the re-design in my next blog post. 😀 I wanted to give a few days for people to feel it out before explaining everything. Stay tuned!

      And yes… how weird is that!?

  3. says

    Well done on a great year Dustin.

    I just posted a 2012 review too. It was a great year personally and for my blogging also.

    Looking forward to all that 2013 brings.


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